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Just Fun! has spirit, yes we do...

Just Fun! has spirit, you can too!

Whether you prefer green & yellow, red & black, or purple & pink, Just Fun! has items to help you show your spirit. Spray in hair color, face paints and glitters, window paints and more. Just Fun! also carries a large selection of hats, scarves, gloves, flip-flops, giant hand clappers...stop by Just Fun!


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Going Green?!?

Just Fun! has O'Bon Pencils! In efforts to support our environment, O'Bon makes pencils out of recycled newspapers and pledges to plant a tree with every purchase...super cool note: when the pencils are sharpened, the shavings look like pieces of comic strips. O'Bon also makes awesome notebooks and folders and the paper is made from recycled sugar cane!
Just Fun! also sells POOP!! Stop in and check out extreme recycling! Poopoopaper makes 100% recycled and odorless scratch pads and notebooks. Poopoopaper "takes the 'oo' out of poo!"

Just Fun shoppers having fun with just some of our cool hats!! 

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